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EasyDesktop will run on any computer capable of effectively running Windows 10 & 11. The 64 bit edition is required.

  • New Improved appearance / interface

  • 18 menu pages, for a total of 1,296 menu buttons

  • Drag & drop from the Windows 10 & 11 start menu

  • Improved color selection & customization

  • Hide menu buttons

  • Alphabetize menu buttons

  • Re-arrange menu pages

  • 64-bit for improved performance

  • Improved control panel / settings access

  • Page background colors

  • New online help forum

  • Many other enhancements and improvements

EasyDesktop 10 New Features
Instantly launch up to 1,296 programs, apps, documents, email or web-links by simply pressing a button

EasyDesktop is a software program that will allow you to place all of your commonly used programs, documents, web links and more on an easy-to-read 18 page menu. EasyDesktop is the most powerful desktop organizer evey created.

EasyDesktop 10

EasyDesktop 10

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EasyDesktop - drag and drop simplicity
Drag & drop simplicity