EasyDesktop will run on any computer capable of effectively running Windows 10. The 64 bit edition is required.

Instantly launch up to 1,296 programs, apps, documents, email or web-links by simply pressing a button

EasyDesktop will allow you to place all of your commonly used programs, documents, web links and more on an easy-to-read 18 page menu. EasyDesktop is the most powerful desktop organizer evey created.

Drag & drop simplicity

Simply drag-and-drop icons or files from anywhere in Windows to a menu button. Then you can customize the appearance and launching options with the powerful settings available in EasyDesktop. There is also a powerful macro system that allows keyboard commands to be sent to an application after it is launched.

Unsurpassed customization and color options

EasyDesktop 10 consists of 18 menu pages that can be customized in any way that your want. The toolbars, menu buttons and page backgrounds can all have custom colors. Even the font used for the menu can be customized. The sky is the limit!

Instant access to Windows 10 settings panels and classic control panels

EasyDesktop gives you instant access to all of your commonly used settings and control panels, without having to dig through multiple layers to get to them. You also get access to many other advanced Windows functions such as emptying the recycle bin, windows search and much more.

Instantly access all the drives and common file locations in your system

Click on the “Explore” toolbar button and instantly access all of your disk drives. You can also access other common areas such as “Documents” , “Pictures” , “Music”  and many more.

Instant Windows shutdown, restart and more

EasyDesktop also provides an instant shutdown, and restart function. No more need to click several times to restart or shutdown your system. There is also a “Lock” feature that will allow you to lock your system instantly when you walk away from it.

Instant display of available disk space and info

Click on the “Space” toolbar button, and instantly view available space on all of the disk drives in your system. There is also a pie chart displayed to give you a visual reference.

"Managing Windows without cuteness."  - PC Magazine




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